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It is not enough to simply find care for the essential tasks need to keep your parents functioning at h home, when the time comes for them to need a bit of extra help. They cared for you with loved and tenderness and you would like them to have the same type of care. This means finding caregivers that would treat your parents with the same respect that you do, as well as finding a care service that is committed not just to getting the job done, but truly making a difference in your loved one’s life. Comfort Keepers of Virginia Beach, VA believes there is far more to senior care that carrying out a few tasks.

More Than Just a Few Chores

Comfort Keepers sees their job as far more than a few chores, but a lasting commitment to helping your loved one be as happy and independent as possible. To do this we believe that we must forge relationships between our caregivers and our clients.

These deep bonds of trust and affection allow caregivers to become far more than a housekeeping or aide. In fact we like to call our caregivers “Comfort Keepers” since we believe this our mission, to bring comfort, and it interact with your loved ones in a way that builds them up and helps them get the most from their life.

How We Fulfill this Commitment to Our Clients

Senior care professional bringing companionship to senior in Virginia Beach, VAAnyone can come into your loved one’s home, do a few chores, help them with meals, and any other tasks they need help with. But it takes more than this to help seniors thrive. Study after study has shown that the seniors that thrive the most are those that stay physically, mentally, and socially engaged.

As Comfort Keepers began to realize these essential elements we decided to create a senior care plan that would integrate these core needs into an interactive plan that includes engagement in everything we do with your loved one.

Comfort Keepers Interactive Senior Care Offers Your Loved One What the Really Need

Caregivers are carefully chosen to match personalities and interests as much as possible. The idea is to forge relationships between caregivers and clients that can most benefit your loved one, and offer them the engagement that is often lacking in senior’s lives. Activity and engagement takes many forms, depending on the clients’ interests and their health. It can be something as simple as looking at photos and reminiscing, or it can be a meal made together and shared.

Learn More About Interactive Care

If interactive and engaging senior care provided by committed caregivers sounds like the right care for your loved one, we invite you to contact us online today at (757) 204-1108 to learn more about we have to offer. Our expert advisors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer your questions about our customized care plans. They can also schedule a free in-home consultation, where both you and your loved one can learn more about interactive care. 




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