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Being A Caregiver Means Making Your Clients Feel Loved Through Elderly Care

Are you interested in providing the finest in home elderly care for families in Virginia Beach? Do you like to spend time talking with and learning from the elderly? Are you the type of person who loves to put a smile on someone's day?

If so, you might be just what the team at Comfort Keepers of Virginia Beach, VA is looking for. We are always on the lookout for a skilled caregiver who is passionate about their job and taking care of their clients. We want someone who wants to go beyond simply going into their clients' homes and take care of the chores

Learning The Art Of Interactive Caregiving

Not anyone can provide this type of service. The big difference at Comfort Keepers is that we offer our clients our own brand of elderly care that we like to call "Interactive Caregiving". This means you must be prepared to engage your clients in every possible aspect of their care. Among the many things we will expect you to do as a caregiver are:

  • go for walks in the neighborhood
  • work together on household chores
  • prepare a meal together
  • discuss current events or personal interests
  • reminisce while viewing photo albums
  • Work together on hobbies, puzzles or crafts
  • go shopping or to church together
  • visit a local senior center
  • participate in civic group activities

Many of your clients are alone in this world. Some because they have no families, others because their families are too busy to visit or live too far away. This is why we feel it is so important for our caregivers to interact with their clients on a more personal level. The good news is, that all of our caregivers feel they make a big difference in the lives of their clients and love their jobs.

Are You Ready For The Challenge?

If you think you are ready for the challenge of providing in home elderly care for seniors in Virginia Beach, please contact us at (757) 204-1108. Our team of senior advisors is on duty 24//7 to answer your questions and help you get started in your new career with Comfort Keepers.  Check out our caregiver openings or other positions and join us today!



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